In a day-long workshop or retreat, participants explore experiences of estrangement, conflict, and enmity in their interpersonal relationships, workplaces, communities, and in relation to international conflicts. The day includes reflections on the nature of conflict and peace based on traditional Jewish texts and consideration of inter-religious, inter-group, and intra-communal conflict. Participants will build skills that can transform hostile conversation into productive exploration of difference, even moving relationships toward healing. Depending on the needs of a particular community, emphasis can be placed on individuals’ cultivation of middot—qualities of soul—needed for the practice of peacebuilding in the midst of our lives.


Workshops can be customized to fit particular communities. Sample topics include:


  • From Enemy to Friend

  • Why do We Fight and How do we Stop?

  • Seeing You is like Seeing the Face of God: Healing Interpersonal Conflict

  • Peace Among Religions: Who is My Neighbor?

  • Peace Among Jews: From Destructive Conflict to Argument for the Sake of Heaven

  • Relating to our Enemy: Challenges, Complexities, and Paths to Healing

  • The Practice of Peace: Training the Heart and Mind for Peace


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Scholar-in-Residence Weekends

Scholar-in-residence weekends can be customized to suit particular communities. A sample schedule is as follows:


Friday Evening Sermon: Jewish Wisdom on the Pursuit of Peace in our Lives and in our World

Shabbat Morning Sermon: Relating to the Enemy: Jewish Wisdom on Transforming Conflict with the “Other”

Shabbat Lunch/Afternoon Workshop: Key Skills for the Pursuit of Peace Sunday Morning: Training the Heart and Mind for Peace



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Credit: Jackie Olenick

Praise for Rabbi Eilberg's Teaching

"You are a dazzling teacher and an inspiring presence. Thank you for the gift of your class today - radiant at every level."  


                                                                    Rabbi Brad Artson, American Jewish University, Los Angeles, CA


"Gratitude overwhelms me-Rabbi Amy Eilberg facilitated a conversation about Israel-Gaza today at Shir Tikvah that invited people to share, listen, weep, hope, and trust. She-and the 70+ people who participated-are a gift. Amidst a raging war, we took one small, imprecise, imperceptible step towards wholeness and healing. And, I pray, peace. Thank you!"


                                                        Rabbi Michael Adam Latz, Shir Tikvah Congregation, Minneapolis, MN


"Rabbi Amy Eilberg has a crystal clear voice, and a very inspiring way of teaching, and of effortlessly and artlessly imbuing a room with spiritual awareness. She has so much to teach, both by personal example and with her extensive knowledge."


Etz Chayim Congregation, Palo Alto, CA


"Such important work and done so expertly! You are such a treasure of mind and heart and teaching skill. Your presentation of this material is high art."


House of Hope Presbyterian Church, St. Paul, MN


"Your presentation last night was both powerful and understated. If your goal was to capture people’s attention and to plant one BIG seed, you were successful. There was much gentle wisdom, both from the sources you quoted and from your own commentary. There was, I’d say, an “invitation to reflect” that came out of your presentation. I felt that you had provided a clarion call for kindness and compassion, but without exaggeration or hyperbole. In short, thank you for what you are doing. There is no work, no service, greater than what you are doing."


University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN


"I am still basking in the glow of your being with us and your presentation on training the heart and mind for peace.  I continue to hear complioments about how meaningful it was for folks who attended.  Thank you, again, for sharing you giftedness with us."


Sacred Ground Center for Spirituality, St. Paul, MN


"There was this divine hush that came over the group when you were sharing. I knew that heads and hearts were open and receiving."


Melrose Center for Eating Disorders, Minneapolis, MN

Topics for Teaching Sessions

Credit: Mordechai Spektor

Rabbi Eilberg is also available for teaching single classes or sessions. Possible topics include:


  • Seek Peace and Pursue It: Jewish Wisdom on Healing Conflict 

  • Disagreeing with Love: Jewish Wisdom To Guide our Most Difficult Conversations

  • Two Jews Three Opinions? OR: The Jewish View of Sacred Conflict Engagement

  • Can We Talk? Civil Sacred Speech in Contentious Times Loving the Other: Jewish Teachings on Embracing Difference

  • Jewish Wisdom on Relations with the Enemy

  • Seek Peace and Pursue It: A Mitzvah for Everyday Life



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