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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is an ancient contemplative listening practice, deeply rooted in Roman Catholic tradition, recently adapted as a tool for spiritual growth in the Jewish community.  The guide offers seekers a safe and sacred place to explore what is happening in their experience of the Sacred, or in their yearning for it; or in their search for meaning, connection, purpose and clarity in their lives. 


The guide does not “direct,” except to direct the seeker’s attention to sources of wisdom from beyond and to their own heart’s own deepest knowing.  The “director,” as it were, eavesdrops on the seeker’s ongoing conversation with the Divine or with their own heart.  Or, to use a different metaphor, the director invites the seeker to sit in the House of the Divine - a space of loving, gentle, patient and sacred awareness, a space that is always nourishing and sometimes revelatory. 


Sessions take place in person or by phone or Zoom video.

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