Kindness Coaching

Rabbi Eilberg offers one-to-one coaching based on the Buddhist practice of metta/lovingkindness meditation that has been profoundly important in her own life.  Metta (or, in Hebrew, hesed) practice is the cultivation of warmth and caring — first for the self, then for loved ones, then for casual acquaintances, then for difficult people in our lives, then for all the world.


The practice is focused on the consistent repetition of phrases expressing universal wishes for the well-being of self and other.  In the coaching setting, clients are guided through the six stages of the metta process with the goal of embedding the cultivation of a loving heart in daily life.  In session, clients explore their aspirations for a life of deepened commitment to kindness and also explore the obstacles that emerge along the way.  


Sessions take place in person or by phone or Zoom video.

Credit: Spiritual Directors International