Online Offerings

A Time of Reckoning:  Dismantling Racism as Jews

In this time of national reckoning over racism in the U.S., it is important for each of us to do our own deep learning and introspection, in order to become better citizens and better human beings. In this four-session series, we take a deep look at new thinking about race and racism, using a variety of readings, recordings, interpersonal exercises, and open-hearted conversation.  In this space, we wrestle with challenging questions about our role in racist systems, about the complexities of white privilege for Jews who are white, about how implicit bias lives in us, and about how to be full participants in this generation’s civil rights movement.


Seeking Wisdom: The Pandemic as Teacher

In one or multiple sessions, participants study and explore perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of living in these troubling times.  Participants find a safe and loving circle in which to share about their experiences, and consider possibilities for cultivating spiritual understanding and spiritual practice. Together, we support one another in seeking to meet this time with as much wisdom, balance and compassion as possible.


Mussar for Times of Upheaval

In one or multiple sessions, we study and explore middot/qualities of soul from the Mussar tradition to help us to cultivate spiritual capacities we most need during these times.  Middot to be considered include kindness, humility, equanimity, trust, and strength.

Healing services

Roughly following the themes of a traditional Mincha or Ma’ariv, a healing service helps participants be present to their own experience and cultivate a sense of trust, equanimity, and hopefulness. Special focus is brought to prayers for healing, as we pray for ourselves, our loved ones, and everyone affected by the pandemic and by racism. 


Individual Spiritual Direction and Kindness Coaching

Rabbi Eilberg is also available for online spiritual direction and/or kindness coaching.